Buying Used Auto Parts From a Wrecker Yard: 2 Top Tips

If you need to repair your vehicle, you may be put off by the cost of brand-new parts as they can be very expensive. One way around this problem is to invest in second-hand used parts which have been reconditioned. Below is a guide to buying auto parts from a wrecker yard.

1. You should never use non-standard parts as a substitute 

If you are struggling to find the right replacement part, you should never be tempted to substitute an old part with a non-standard replacement. While the part may look very similar and may even connect with the other parts of your vehicle, you should be aware than non-standard auto parts could place a strain on other components.

If this occurs, you may find that you need to replace lots of other parts as they begin to fail. If you are having trouble finding the right replacement part, you should speak with the staff at the wrecking yard as they may be able to order in a component from another company.

2. You should only buy auto parts which are not critical for safety

There are some components which should always be replaced with brand-new auto parts. For example, any parts related to the brake or steering systems on your car should be replaced with brand-new components. The brake and steering system on your car are safety critical. If either of these systems fails, it could place the life of anyone in the vehicle in extreme danger. Therefore, it is best to not use reconditioned parts when working on these systems. However, you can use reconditioned parts from a wrecker yard to fix things like the wing mirrors, bodywork or radiator on a car as these systems are not safety critical.

However, even when purchasing parts which are not safety critical, you should consider if the components are the type which will continue to perform well even if they are slightly worn. For example, purchasing used hoses for your car may not be a wise idea as rubber hoses have a fixed lifespan which they are not designed to exceed. Once a rubber hose starts to split or crack, it will typically fail. Whereas a gearbox is designed to continue operating even when it has suffered some wear and tear.

If you would like further advice and information about sourcing replacement auto parts, you should get in touch with your local wrecking yard today.