Auto Parts That You Can Get from Auto Wreckers

Auto wreckers can provide auto parts for a variety of different vehicles, typically at a good price. This is a great option for finding parts for older vehicles and for purchasing less expensive parts. This article will discuss some of the parts that auto wreckers can provide for your vehicle.

Body parts

Auto wreckers can offer you parts to fix the body of your vehicle. These include bumpers that can be exposed or unexposed, bonnets, wing or mudguard fenders, grills, hatches, boot, trims, panels, roof racks and support for radiator cores.

Door parts

You can purchase both inner and outer door handles, hinges, latches, locks, seals, control modules, beams and panels from auto wreckers for your vehicle.

Window parts

Windows parts available from auto wreckers include glass, sunroofs, motors for sunroofs and windows, windshields and windshield washers, window seals and window regulators.

Electrical parts

You can also purchase electrical parts for your vehicle from auto wreckers. This covers a number of parts. It includes antennae assembly and cable, speakers, tuners, subwoofers, charging systems, radio and media players, thermostats, airbag controls, alternators, alternator bearings, brackets and fans, batteries, battery boxes and battery cables, cable terminals, control systems, plates and trays.

Ignition parts

Auto wreckers can offer parts for ignition systems, such as coils, coil parts, coil wires, electronic timing controllers and distributors.

Lighting and signalling parts

If you need to fix your vehicle's lighting, you can find items such as fog lights, halogen headlights, interior lights, license plate lights, engine bay lights, side lights, tail lights and tail light covers at auto wreckers.


Parts for sensors are also available from auto wreckers. These can include sensors for airbags, anti-pinch, crankshafts, engines, fuel levels, oxygen levels, power-steering pressure, rain, temperature and anti-locking.

Brake parts

Auto wreckers can deliver you many parts required for braking systems. This includes wheel studs, wheel cylinders, adjusting mechanisms, brake backing plates, pads and pedals, pumps, rolls, rotors, linings and dual circuit systems.

Engine parts

Auto wreckers can also sell engine parts such as diesel engines, petrol engines, accessory belts, fan belts, air ducts, camshafts, camshaft bearings, fasteners, followers, locking plates, pistons, piston pins, valves, rings and circlips and spacer rings.

Wheel and tyre parts

Auto wreckers can provide you with parts for your wheels and tyres, including hubcaps, centre caps, wheel covers, inner and outer rings, spokes, studs, tyres, tubes, wheels and lug bolts and nuts.

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